Huawei Y3 (2017) Backlight Way Display Light Problem Solution

Huawei Y3 (2017) Backlight Way Display Light Problem Solutions

The solution in this article is for Huawei Y3 (2017) Backlight Way and Display Light problem jumper solution, full LCD ways to show connector paths in case you are going to solve display problems such as screen blank, dark screen, white screen (with tones), No LED backlight resulting from moisture damaged issues or accidental dropping by users.

The backlight problem Huawei Y3 (2017) is a typical case; It will definitely be the time when we use a lot of activities using Android phone device, on this occasion MobileRdx team try to discuss and provide repair solution on Android device Huawei Y3 (2017) without retro -lighting. Maybe some of you have the same obstacles and damage on Huawei Y3 (2017) Android phones which have no light on the screen or LCD screen.

This article discusses how to fix Huawei Y3II phone screen issue. If the cell phone screen is not working properly or the backlight is not working. Huawei Y3 crack screen repair is only possible with phone screen replacement. But if the screen is not broken, then there is no need to replace the phone screen.
Here are some of the Huawei Y3 (2017) backlight issues you may be experiencing:
  • White screen
  • No screen
  • Lines shown
  • Low brightness on the screen
  • No backlight
To solve the problem with the display of the dark screen of the Huawei Y3 (2017) to solve, you can first try to replace a new display module or install, so you can easily check whether the LCD screen backlight still working or already was damaged. You can also check the LEDs with the multimeter if you can handle it without damaging the LCD flex connector. If the newly installed LCD display still has the same problem and the LED indicator does not light up, refer to the above solution and locate the marked components on the PCB.
How to fix Huawei Y3 (2017) backlight issue
  • Check the LCD display pin connector for damage and re-solder if necessary.
  • Trace each of the + LEDs (positive and LED – (negative connection line paths) to the resistors where it will be connected.
  •  Check the connected resistor, replace if damaged.
  • Check and make sure to clean the pin connector assembly.
  • Check the resistances of the display filter including the voltage supply to the LCD screen and trace the connection traces to the LCD pin connector.
  • Replace damaged resistor or phantom to reconnect if there is an open line path.
Huawei Y3II screen flashes or the light is dim with a blank screen. In all these cases, we need to disassemble the smart phone and check the screen socket if there is rusty carbon or damage to the pins of the screen socket. Huawei Y3II phone repair tutorials are given in a few other articles so that you can look for other problem repair solutions here.
If the screenshot has no flaws, the above mobile screen repair diagram will help you find the tracks used in Huawei Y3II screen function.Replace phone screen with new one for the tests.
All the tracks are shown in different colors so that you can find the points where you can apply jumpers to fix the phone screen. The broken phone screen cannot be fixed. And the solution is only possible by replacing the phone screen.
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