Mi Note 4 mic jumper Quick 100% solved in 1st Step

Mi Note 4 mic jumper Quick 100% solved in 1st Step

Mi Note 4 Mic ways
Redmi Note 4 Mic Not Working Problem Solution – Mic Ways
Here are the direct jumper ways of Redmi Note 4 microphone not working, we tested 100% working Redmi Note 4 microphone problem jumper solution only for our best cellphone technician, we will give you this solution in few working methods , so follow our new Vivo V5 Microphone Troubleshooting Jumper Paths Circuit Diagram our team are working hard to find the brand mobile troubleshooting or other Chinese clone, make more money with us
In Redmi Note 4, the microphone is soldered to the motherboard. The microphone is responsible for transmitting your voice to the person on the other end of a phone call, recording sounds while making videos, or using voice recording apps with ease. So if the other person cannot listen to your voice during a phone call, you need to replace the microphone with a new one.

Issues mi note 4 mic not working

  • The damage microphone does not work at all.
  • The disturbing sound is recorded via the microphone.
  • A distracted sound is picked up by the other party during a conversation.
  • MIC turns off randomly and at any time.
  • MIC gets cute while calling while working well for voice recording.
MI Note 4 mic jumper Quick 100% solved in 1st  Step
MI Note 4 mic jumper Quick 100% solved in 1st Step
In picture,

           In Image, there are different colors of the line drawn on the Redmi Note 4 board, this line is missing or defective on board, so this is the reaction of some mistake or mistake made in the smartphone. To solve this problem, configure the jumper in the same way as in the image of your mobile. This way you can solve your problem.

So follow some working steps for troubleshooting the new Mi Note 4 Mic jumper.

  • Check the microphone Open the mobile menu> Applications> Voice recorder after running the voice recording app on mobile Click the record button and then record your own voice to test the microphone of Samsung Galaxy J2 J200G if it is not There is no voice recording / so technician for sure the microphone problem.
  • For repair Microphone in hardware Remove or disassemble the Motorola Moto C with the supported tools.
  • After complete disassembly / disassembly of the Motorola Moto C Clean the layout of the circuit board with a C.T.C or other cleaner Wash all the circuits
  • After a clean layout of the Motorola Moto C circuit board, check all the circuit diagrams and associated components such as fuse, coil, capacitor.
  • So don’t worry about the circuit diagram of the new Microsoft Samsung SM-J200G microphone. Follow our new circuit diagram related to the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570F microphone in the image below.
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