Nokia 100 sim ways nokia 100 insert sim

Nokia 100 sim ways nokia 100 insert sim

Hi friend, I am going to solve the problem of inserting the sim card problem on the Nokia 100 mobile. I will discuss how to fix this problem and I will show you step by step here. Here I will first discuss how to insert sim insert problem on this mobile. And I have discussed the details of these matters in more than one place.
If there is problem inserting the SIM card into Nokia 100, the inserting of the SIM card will be displayed, the SIM card is not valid and may be without signal. to Solve Nokia 100 Sim Insert Solution IC Jumper Problem Ways we need to do some simple steps as described in this article. in the first step, replace your SIM card and try. scratch the sim dots a little in the mobile then try it.

What is the problem and where does it come from?

Note that this problem occurs when the problem is that connector B or the SIM connector with problem B is usually disconnected. Another reason for this is that the problem of connecting to companies that have the SIM card, this problem occurs. So, here I have given a step by step diagram of troubleshooting and how to fix this program. I detailed below
In picture,
           In Image, there are different colors of the line drawn on the Nokia 100  board, this line is missing or defective on board, so this is the reaction of some mistake or mistake made in the smartphone. To solve this problem, configure the jumper in the same way as in the image of your mobile. This way you can solve your problem.

Solution method:

To fix this problem, you need to erase the mobile motherboard first. Then you need a turkey sim card daily linking with multimeter raising you all the time your reading goes in the right direction and the vibration pulled aside, notice somewhere a business has broken or after you did this, I had given you a picture. See the rider
  • First, clean the motherboard
  • Then look at the sim connector if the sim connector is not correct, then connect the connector.
  • Read the sim connector pin if the measurements are not correct, see the picture below.
After mounting, check all SIM socket points on the motherboard with the meter. Check all these parts and the track shown in the diagram above and if any are missing apply jumpers to make this path in good condition. if any component is missing, replace it with a new one.
you can also change sim ic and apply jumpers after removing ic from motherboard. there are also some articles describing how to create sim ic jumpers to solve the sim insert problem.
Keep visiting this page for more information and new tips and tricks on this troubleshooting, we will update when new updates arrive. Below you will also find some related articles you can learn more about mobile phones.

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