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  Mobile Repairing At Home

Now the home sitting mobile repair is learned to the chip level. Mobile Repairing For learnig subscribe to our blog and find daily incoming important updates

Mobile Repairing Course Online Free Classes

Can you imagine such an Advance Mobile Repairing Course , where you can see all types of Mobile and Smartphone PCB Diagrams Images, All ICs and Parts like – Capacitors, Coils, Diodes, Transistor, Resistance and all other parts Identify with, Identify Works and Faults. Simultaneously, you teach all these parts to find fault in jokes by checking by Digital Multimeter.
    Also teach you to repair Dead Phone with Card Level Repairing, Chip Level Repairing, Hardware Repairing, Jumper Solution and Software Repairing. After learning the course, you learn how to fix problems like Speaker, MIC, Vibrator Motor, Ringer, Headphone, FM Radio, Display Screen Light, SIM and Memory Card Connector, and Battery Connector. Problems of All Types of Hardware Repairing Steps to Step Step and Use Mobile Repairing Tools to Learn With Pictures
One such mobile phone repairing course in Hindi, after learning from the Expensive Institute in Delhi, teaches you the remaining skills from there. Do not you want to learn that course?

 What is Mobile Repairing

The process of repairing hardware and software corruption in mobile cell phones or smartphones is called Mobile Repairing, it is also called making mobile.
What is Mobile Repairing,Doorstep Mobile Repair At Your Home & Office | This is Nrupesh (TIN ) 2019-20

   Mobile Repairing Course

How To Work In Mobile Repairing Course How To Work On Mobile Phone And Motherboards All Hardware Facts, Probiems To Repairng And Solve And Software Problems Solution has useful information on useful tools and equipments. Like other courses, it also has a Syllabus.
Mobile Repairing Course,Doorstep Mobile Repair At Your Home & Office | This is Nrupesh (TIN ) 2019-20,
Mobile Repairing Tools
All Mobile Repairing Tools Price List is as follows –
SMD Rework Station – From Rs.1500 to Rs.10000
Soldering Iron – From Rs 200 to Rs 500
Digital Multimeter – Rs 150 to Rs 350
And you can buy other essential mobile repairing tools from 6000 to 15000.
Mobile Repairing Hindi
You can learn from for free Mobile Repairing Online in Hindi.

Mobile Repairing Picture Help

For Picture Help for Jumper Ways of Diagram Solution of Mobile Hardware Repairing, you can search by visiting Google Images or Printerest.

Mobile Repair Shop Near Me

To find your nearest and nearest mobile repairing shore, go to Google’s Search Box and type “Mobile Repairing Shop Near Me” by searching.

Mobile Repair Course on sites

To find your nearest Mobile Repair Course Institute, type “Mobile Repairing Course on sites “. You write the name of your city instead of Delhi – if you are from Mumbai then “Mobile Repairing Course in Mumbai”.

All Mobile Parts

There are many parts on the motherboard of the phone whose name list is visible –
All IC
All Connector
All Sockets

Mobile Repairing Video

To learn from the mobile phone repairing course video, you can search on Youtube, try to watch videos of the channel that you are learning Step by Step Full Mobile Repairing Video Course. For this, you must know the Mobile Repairing Syllabus.

                  Mobile Cell phone Repairing Theory

Everybody is using mobile today. By the way electronics field is developing day-to-day. Mobile today needs everyone’s life. Today everybody needs mobile repairing. For mobile repairing, you must be mentally prepared for preparation.Moily Repairing Course is a Technic Course, doing this course will have different ideas in mind like I will get mobile repairing? Have you come to understand the taught? I have less education but I do not know English? Such questions will come to mind, but you need a bus technician to provide technical repair on the mobile repair. Unemployment is getting employment today through mobile repairing.
In today’s world, millions of people are using mobile and if they are mobile damages then by repairing you can earn a lot of money and if you can also repair your own mobile home also. As Moily came in the market and there was a boost in communication, it is said that mobile usage in India is 90%. In order to impress the customer, the company has different types of fashioned, different types of phones in the market today, so no one can see the customer’s convenience before taking the mobile.
The new mobile service provider gives the company 1 year warranty, but after 1 year, send mobile damages and service centers and then send them to the company, then it comes to the company to be repaired. Processes takes longer, all people Goes to the shop to do mobile repairing. Thousands of mobile phones are sold every day and there are also damages.
It does not seem necessary for all the expenses to start this business. You can also do business at home. To run it, you will have to take 2/3 thousand rupees of tools or equipment.

Cell phone parts

| HowStuffWorks  kya ho ta hai mobile ke andar kaise kam krta hai mobile cell phone  mobile list of part
Touch pad
Sim tray
Sim connector
Display connector
Ringer connector
Speaker connector
Mic connector
battery connector
Antina connector
Mother board
On /Off switch
Memory card connector
Headphone connector
Valume strip /button
mobile body
extra Antina ( wifi, bluetooth )

Mobile not turning on / off mobile solution / mobile shutdown How to turn off / turn off mobile

Step 1
Removed battery from mobile And check the voltage multimeter of the battery. Sound bug 3 7 volts and should. If 3. If the 7 voltage is coming or it is too much, then the battery is right, if 3 If the bottom voltage of 7 is R, then the battery is down,
Ex: 3.0 volt, 2.9 volt, 1.2 volt yafir 0.00 volts
Doorstep Mobile Repair At Your Home & Office | This is Nrupesh (TIN ) 2019-20,,Mobile not turning on / off mobile solution / mobile shutdown How to turn off / turn off mobile, multimeter
If 3 If the new six is ​​voltage, charge the battery. If the battery is not charging over the mobile, then charge the Charger Pay Charger if it is not being done by zatka machine.
 If you do not have any of these things, you can do it by cutting the wire of your regular charger, but you have a risk. Until 3 7 or more: Volt will not tell unless the mobile start up.
Click to see Practical
Step 2
          If the battery voltage of your mobile is also correct, the mobile is not starting yet. So you can understand the problem of mobile using battery meter. Look at Points of the connected battery connector on the mobile. You can also see the positive ones (Positive point / + v) on the Nigative point (Nigative point / -v). Positive (the identity of the red color) and the negative point negative (the identity of black color)
   Battery Metet
Mobile not turning on / off mobile solution / mobile shutdown How to turn off / turn off mobile,Doorstep Mobile Repair At Your Home & Office | This is Nrupesh (TIN ) 2019-20,
Now you press the power button of the mobile (switch on to mobile) Now if your mobile starts, then the battery of your mobile battery will have to change the battery of your mobile and if your mobile does not start then press the power button If you go to the top of the Lata 100, then your mobile is running, if you are not going to subscribe, you have a hardware problem in your mobile (Hardware Problem).
Step 3: Solves the Problem of Dead Mobile. By doing this step you will have to open the mobile, after opening the mobile you can get it here. , Brush, and hot air gun.
     After opening the phone, remove the mic, speaker and ringer from the motherboard. And now the income. P. Make the liquid cry all the time
 Now you brush your neck with the help of the mother board and turn on the hot air gun and drain the mother board and dry it.
Hot Air Gun Settings: Air = Full, Heater = 1 point
 Now put all the out-of-the-box parts on the alert, and pack the mobile.
Turning mobile from battery meter will be your mobile star.
If your mobile does not start right now, then you have to move to step 4

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