Nokia 101 lcd ways jumper solution

Nokia 101 lcd ways jumper solution.

Nokia 101 LCD problem, white display problem, blank screen and no light in Nokia 101 LCD screen can be solved in few steps given in this post below is Nokia diagram 101 to solve LCD problem.
In picture,
           In Image, there are different colors of the line drawn on the Nokia 101  board, this line is missing or defective on board, so this is the reaction of some mistake or mistake made in the smartphone. To solve this problem, configure the jumper in the same way as in the image of your mobile. This way you can solve your problem.
In the diagram above, you can see that there are different colored lines and they identify the path of LCD printing. LCD pins are counted as 1in the picture from left to right and these prints can be checked with a multimeter if any of them is broken or part is broken you can jump to dots shown in the picture and a large round dot indicates you can make a jumper and these are test points for issues with the blank LCD screen.
As in the LCD dots, the numbers are displayed, the same numbers are set with the coins, making it easy to find where to place the jumpers. . if a part is not in the same place and broken due to water damage or something else, you can see that some points can also be scratched. So scratch them a bit and make a sweater at this point.
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