This Way to Solve Huawei Y6p Backlight Ways Problem

In this aide, we will show you the answer for fix Huawei Y6p Backdrop illumination Ways Show Light issue jumper full LCD ways show association line ways on the off chance that you will investigate show issues, for example, clear presentation, dim screen show, white screen (with tones), No backdrop illumination Drove that is come about because of because of wet harmed or coincidentally dropped issues by the clients.

In the versatile fixing, field is a typical issue practically 60% to 70% you will get portable showcase light issue arrangement in the water harm portable for it is a typical issue structure show light issue on the grounds that in the presentation light in the cell phone have most extreme voltage place on the grounds that in this spot you will get the lift voltage very nearly 40 volts greatest or 24-volt least relies upon the brand of the cell phone.

Huawei Y6p Backlight Show Issue is a run of the mill case; definitely this will be the second when we utilize a ton of exercises utilizing an Android telephone gadget, in this open door Mobile Jumper Solution Group attempt to examine and Give a maintenance arrangement on the Android gadget Huawei Y6p backdrop illumination. Perhaps some of you have similar hindrances and harm on Android telephones Huawei Y6p that have no light on the presentation or its LCD.

What Is Huawei Y6p Backlight Problem?

In the first place, a LCD is the computerized show connection point of your telephone, it is the intelligent part where you see what happens as you work or tap on a symbol, watch a video, play music or games, and so on. At the point when the LCD (fluid gem show) is broken or harmed, you one will not have the option to appreciate it as in the past. This is where the LCD backdrop illumination comes in, the backdrop illumination is a progression of LEDs (light-discharging diodes) very much organized and fit in the screen layers to give enlightenment to the LCD screen.

Huawei Y6p Backlight Ways Problem Solution in Image format

To fix the dim screen Huawei Y6p Show Light issue, you may initially attempt to supplant or introduce another Presentation screen module, to effortlessly affirm assuming the LCD’s backdrop illumination Drove’s were all the while working or currently harmed.

You can likewise check the LEDs utilizing the multimeter in the event that you can oversee without harming the LCD flex connector.

In the event that the recently introduced LCD actually shows a similar issue and the Drove light doesn’t illuminate, allude to the arrangement above and find the featured parts on the PCB board.

Following are a portion of the Huawei Y6p Show Light issues that you could experience

  • White Display
  • No Display
  • Lines on Display
  • Low Light on Display
  • No Backlight

Step by step instructions to Fix Huawei Y6p Show Backlight Issues:

  • Here are a few helpful advances that are expected for the blamed LCD light versatile fix. You really want to follow these means for the ideal portable fix. All means are utilized as the overall versatile fix.
  • Attempt to test the ongoing on the presentation Lights pins. In the event that the showcase joins are broken or missing.
  • You can make an immediate jumper by the picture outline above.
  • For the presentation connector fix. You want to begin first from the motherboard connector then, at that point, show the board strip connector and last Drove connector at the posterior of the board.
  • The jumper and Drove lights are working fine yet the Drove current is absent. For this situation, You really want to fix this issue from the Lights regulator area.
  • There could be a different segment or expand on power chip. In a different segment of the Drove lights regulator. There could be light current channel chip or semiconductor for an auto-exchanging.
  • The auto switch might assist with declining battery duration. The showcase lights are the significant things that can deplete the battery quick. To look further into the presentation light’s auto-exchanging. In any case let us go to the purpose in versatile fixing in advances.

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