Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 j200GU Display Light Ways Backlight Solution

 Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 j200GU Display Light Ways Backlight Solution

Lighting solution for Samsung Galaxy J2 J200GU screen

Samsung Galaxy SM-J2 (2017) Display Ways Backlight LCD jumper solution light not working, White Blank screen problem Display problem Lighting repair solution backlight.

Although the black screen issue on Samsung Galaxy J2 J200GU is not a common issue, few owners of this phone have reported any issues with it. Some users reported that they found a solution after plugging in the charger, while others said that they have to restart several times to fix the black screen issue on Samsung J200GU. Here, we have narrowed down a few solutions to the problem, and you can follow them to fix the same issue.

This solution below shows the Samsung Galaxy J2 J200GU LCD backlight components that maintain and control to shine the LCD backlight. If any of these components may fail due to moisture or water, it will cause the LCD backlight to fail.

Hardware Solution

How to solved the blank screen display problem, You may first check display or try to replace install a new Display screen of same number of points, For easily confirm if the LCD’s backlight LED’s were still already damage or not may be display is not work them you can move to our jumper solution .

You can be  check Display  LED’s using the a multimeter if you can be  manage without damaging the Display LCD flex connector.

If the newly installed Display Screen also has still shows the same problem and the LED’s light doesn’t light up, Way to the solution below and locate the highlighted components (In Image) on the PCB board.

In Image,
        In Inmage there is differwnt colours of line drawed on Samsung galaxy J200GU board this line are missing or breakdown on board, Hence this is the resonse of error or fault created in the smartphone . If you want to solve this problem make the jumper same as same in image on your mobile .This way you can solved your problem.

Here are some tips on how to fix the “Samsung Galaxy J2 J200GU (2017) LCD backlight not working” issue.

“Note: Please make sure the LCD screen is OK or try to replace it before continuing”

  • Check the LCD pin connector for damage and re-solder if necessary.
  • Trace each of the + LEDs (positive and LED – (negative connection line paths) to the resistors where it will be connected.
  • Check the connected resistor, replace if damaged.

Check the pin connector assembly and make sure to clean it too.

Check the display filter resistances, including the supply voltage to the LCD display, and trace the connection traces to the LCD pin connector. Replace damaged resistor or methylated spirits to reconnect if there is an open line path.

Every parts, components, and rails are in the diagram above, so check these components and clean the area near these parts as well. Hot air dry it and check all the tracks with a tape measure if they are missing, apply jumpers and you can change these resold parts or replace them one by one until you fix Samsung Galaxy J200GU (2017) Solution Jumper Problem Ways Display Backlight.

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