Vivo V7 EDL Point Mode-Here is Vivo V7 Test Points With Image

Vivo v7 edl point mode is Like other Qualcomm processor chipset devices, Vivo V7 also supports Emergency Download Mode or EDL Mode. This mode will come in handy when your device is blocked and unable to unlock it using ADB. All the credit for working on EDL mode goes to Mobile jumper Solution App Team. Simple guide to start Vivo V7 in EDL mode is given below.

Vivo V7 EDL point Pinout With image solution

EDL Mode Working

EDL stands for Emergency Download Mode. It is a special mode through which users can perform various tasks like unlocking, unlocking bootloader and installing any custom ROM.

You really have to understand that flashing in EDL mode is a universal method for all Vivo devices. But the EDL boot process may be different for different devices. For some devices you can use EDL boot command, but the problem is that now the edl command doesn’t work for all latest Vivo smartphones. Hence the test point is the easiest and most correct way to start any Vivophone in EDL mode using the test terminals.

So now the thing is, where are the pinout or EDL test points of Vivo V7 EDL mode?

Keep in mind that this process is a bit technical. In our next article, we will show you “How to Flash Firmware on Vivo V7 in Adl Mode? This article is only to find out the Vivo V7 EDL mode that can be used to flash Fastboot ROM using Mi Flash Tool.

Vivo V7 EDL Mode point
Where is Find EDL MODE Fon Vivo V7

  • Power off the device if possible.
  • Open back cover of dead Vivo V7.
  • If you are able to remove back cover, disconnect the batter connector first. Battery not required for EDL mode.
  • Now remove the black tape to visible the edl points of Vivo V7 as shown below in image.
  • Now EDL mode and edl Vivo V7 test points are in front of you. And you can use them to install firmware on Vivo V7 without unlocking the bootloader.
  • this is Vivo V7 Emergency Download Mode or EDL Mode. Now you can easily find Vivo V7 test points.
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Vivo V7 EDL Point Mode

There are 4 different methods to boot your phone in EDL mode. Choose the one which is right for you.

Method 1: Quick Start Mode

Turn off the device or boot into fastboot mode. This can be done by simultaneously pressing the Volume Down (-) and Power buttons until something is held on the screen. Now you have to connect the device to the PC. Launch a command prompt window from the minimal fastboot folder and give the following command: fastboot oem edl

Method 2: Using ADB

It is the same method as above. Here you do not need to turn off the device and boot into quick boot mode. Simply connect the Mi Max to a Windows computer using a standard USB cable and launch a Command Prompt window from the folder where the Minimal Fastboot files are located. Simply hold down the Shift key, then right click anywhere in the folder. From the various options, select “Open command window from here” and enter the command: adb reboot edl.

Method 3: Using Hardware Keys

This is another way to start Xiaomi Mi Max in EDL mode. Switch off the mobile and take a USB cable. Now connect one end of the cable to the PC port or leave the other end unconnected to the device. Now you have to press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down key and then connect the other end of the USB cable to the device. This is because the device will automatically start in EDL mode.

Method 4: Using the EDL Test Point

Remove the battery connector and connect these 2 test points. When you connect the handset, your phone’s Qualcomm port is displayed.

Connect this point 2 highlighted shape in image for EDL mode

Uses Of Vivo V7 Test Points

Vivo V7. install original rom on
Flash Vivo V7 without unlocking bootloader. Bootloader Unlock permission is not required.
Recovering Dead Vivo V7 by Flashing Firmware.
If the device fails to boot in quickboot mode or the device is stuck on Vivo logo then simply install the original ROM.
Upgrade or downgrade Vivo V7 firmware version easily.

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Using this method will void your phone’s warranty, so please do so at your own risk. This method is a bit risky, use this method properly, we will not be responsible for any damage caused by it.
If you have any problem with this article, please drop below comment box, we will try to solve your problem soon.

How to connect Vivo V7 in Edl mode ?

First, open the back cover of Vivo V7 Plus be careful when removing the back cover of the device
Remove the battery cable (battery is not required for EDL mode)
Now use tweezers to shorten the 2nd red dot as shown in the picture above.
Now connect the USB cable to your device.
Your phone has now successfully entered EDL mode.

What is EDL Mode?

EDL stands for Emergency Download Mode. It is a special mode through which users can perform various tasks like unlocking, unlocking bootloader and installing any custom ROM.

How to Flash Vivo V7 Plus ?

Download Vivo V7+ Plus Firmware and Install MTK Drivers.
Open Flash SP Tools
This will launch the tool on your PC, click on the scatter-loading that appears to the right of the tool.
Now assign the firmware which will be in the form Android_scatter.txt
Now turn off your mobile and connect it to your PC by pressing Volume Down or Volume Up key at the same time.
After clicking on the download button.
Your phone starts flashing.

Which Tools Use for Vivo V7 Edl Point?

There Are 4 tools in use
1.QFIL Tools
2.Miracle Box
3.UMT Dongle

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