Xiaomi Mi 10 Charging Problem Solution – Charging Ways Jumper Solution

Xiaomi Mi 10 Charging Problem Solution – Charging Ways

Xiaomi Mi 10 Charging Problem Means Solution Charging Problem No Charging Problem USB Means Charging Jumper Charging Box Short
How to troubleshoot the Xiaomi Mi 10 not charging or not responding to a charger. So if you are currently experiencing this problem, keep reading to learn the steps to rule out the possibilities to find out what the problem is with your phone.
Many users who bought the high-end Mi 10 are dealing with the Mi 10 charging problem. Most smartphones work fine, but some users have complained about Mi 10 charging incorrectly. Mi 10 thought the problem with the charger lay and bought new chargers but after that they realized the problem was not with the charger. In this tutorial, we provide you with some quick solutions to fix Mi 10 charging problems.
So if you have a problem with charging, or if you are having difficulty connecting your Mi 10 to your computer via a USB cable, your Mi 10 charging connector may be faulty. Replace with new is the only solution here. But if the prints from the USB connector are broken, you need to make the jumpers as shown in the diagram below.
The charging problem in Xiaomi Mi 10 can be due to broken charging pin damage and water damage, if there is a charging problem, the mobile cannot save power in the battery and it may show fake charge. charge monkey in the mobile, but it doesn’t save electric energy.
In picture,
           In the photo there are different colors of the line drawn on the Xiaomi Mi 10  board, this line is missing or defective on board so it is the reaction of an error or an error made in the smartphone. To solve this problem, configure the jumper in the same way as in the image of your mobile. This way you can solve your problem.
Xiaomi Mi 10 Charging Solution Jumper Problem Means [/ caption]
to the only charging problem Xiaomi Mi 10 Charging solution Jumper problem Charging means not supported
after disassembling the mobile phone, you need to do some steps as shown in the above diagram Check if the charging socket and points have a good value, if yes, replace the charger and check if the charging points on the motherboard do not indicate an exact value with meters, you need to check all parts and tracks shown in the diagram of Xiaomi Mi 10.
Watch how the motherboard varies carefully if there is rust or carbon and water damage or a damaged part. If a track is missing, fit jumpers as shown and if any part is damaged or broken, replace it with a new one.
Keep visiting this page for more information and new tips and tricks to fix this problem, we will update when there are new updates. Some related articles are also given below, you can know more about the mobile phone.
Xiaomi Mi 10 charging problem solutions
Here are the Mi 10 charging issues No charging troubleshooting. Study these diagrams carefully before repairing them.
If the charge is slow all you need to do is make sure the charger is original, but you need to make sure the charger is original as slow charging issues almost always occur on phones with it. third-party chargers. Clean the battery charging pins and check. Unused charging connector pins.
The other reasons why Mi 10 charging issue could be
  • The smartphone is defective
  • The phone has a damaged battery
  • The connector is bent, broken, or pushed
  • There is a temporary telephone problem
  • Charger or cable is defective
Please note that we will change these solutions or add new ones in the future if they are on this page. So don’t hesitate to come back to this page at any time to stay up to date.

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