Nokia 105 lcd ways nokia 105 display ways nokia 105 light solution

Nokia 105 lcd ways nokia 105 display ways nokia 105 light solution

This solution can help you to fix blank display issue with dead white display issue in Nokia 105 and you will also find ways to find power buttons and jumper information in the following article.
After disassembling the Asha 105, look on the motherboard for Rusted Carbon or Burren parts. If you find any rust or carbon, apply an electronic cleaner to the motherboard and apply hot air to let it dry properly.
If any print of this is missing, apply jumpers to fix the power button issue in Nokia 105.
If the LCD light is not working in Nokia 105, we cannot show the text on the screen. The light can be dim or empty. Nokia 105 LCD Backlight IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways can be solved in few steps as mentioned in this article.
In picture,
           In Image, there are different colors of the line drawn on the Nokia 105 board, this line is missing or defective on board, so this is the reaction of some mistake or mistake made in the smartphone. To solve this problem, configure the jumper in the same way as in the image of your mobile. This way you can solve your problem.

Nokia 105 backlight solution LCD jumper problem.

After assembling the Nokia 105, check if the motherboard is not damaged by carbon water or rusty. Clean the entire board with an electronic cleaner, then apply some hot air mints to make it dry.
Replace the indicator light if it is LCD plug and it is stuck, please check the print value after removing. If the value is OK, replace LCD, and if the value is missing, check the entire components as shown in the diagram. Check all paths above and if a track is missing apply jumpers.
It will help you to fix Nokia 105 LCD display illumination IC solution easel problem problem
Easy in Nokia 105.
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Keep visiting this page for more information and new troubleshooting tips and tricks, we will update you when new updates arrive. Below you will also find related articles where you can learn more about cell phones.
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