Note 6 pro edl point to go in Edl Mode

Mi Redmi Note 6 Pro test point Redmi Note 6 Pro to go in EDL mode
This article shows you how to put Mi Redmi Note 6 Pro on test point or EDL, formerly known as Emergency Download Mode (EDL). Despite being an advanced method, some users still prefer to use this technique to bypass the need for an officially unlocked bootloader. There may be a situation where your device is bricked or in a bootloop state, but the bootloader is not yet unlocked. Therefore, this situation will force you to use the Test Point method intentionally. It would be impossible to unlock the bootloader because the device is bricked or in boot loop.

What is Emergency Download Mode?

If you are a first time user, EDL mode may be a new term for you. But if you are involved in rooting and updating the firmware, then absolutely not.

In short, EDL mode is also known as emergency mode for mobile devices. Technically, all Xiaomi devices come with the EDL mode option. If you want to install or update your own Xiaomi or Redmi phone, you have several options to flash new stock ROM on device using recovery mode or fastboot mode. Both the methods have some limitations like recovery ROM which can only be used to upgrade higher version and you cannot downgrade Mi Redmi Note 6 Pro version.

In the same way as if your device bootloader is already unlocked, you can boot your device in fastboot mode and then you can easily install stock rom using Mi Flash Tool. Both methods can be performed if the device is powered on and you can access the configuration of the device.

But what if the Mi Redmi Note 6 Pro bootloader is locked or the device is stuck on the MI account verification screen or the device is stuck on the Mi logo or bootloop or you are unable to boot the device in fastboot mode? In this kind of critical situation, EDL mode is the only solution that can help you to reopen the device.

Just boot the device into EDL mode or emergency download mode and flash the MIUI fastboot ROM/firmware using Mi Flash Tool. This will fix all existing errors or you can get your dead phone back again.

Mi Redmi Note 6 Pro Edl Point shown in Image

  • If possible, turn off the device.
  • open the back cover of the dead mi redmi note 6 pro
  • After removing the back cover, first disconnect the battery connector. No battery is needed for EDL mode.
  • Now remove the black tape to see the Mi Redmi Note 6 Pro’s Adal dots.

EDL Resources

  • read/write firmware/stock rom/flash file.
  • FRP / Google Account Bypass, remove FRP with one click.
  • downgrade or upgrade
  • Unlock the bootloader of Qualcomm chipset based devices easily with one click.
  • Fix IMEI related issues and any kind of software issues and fast battery drain and delete Google account.


This tutorial is for informational and educational purposes only.

This process has been tested and is 100% accurate, but we do not assume any responsibility or any damage caused by this process. So do it at your own risk.

By doing this procedure you may void the warranty of your phone. If you have any query regarding this topic, feel free to ask us in the comment box. We are here to give you the best answers to all your questions.

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