Oppo A3s Backlight Solution – Quick 100% Solved In 1st Step

Oppo A3s Display Light Solution – Backlight Ways

In this post, if you are going to solve the Oppo A3S Display Light Wes Backlight Solution Full LCD Ways Display Connection Line Path, Blank Display, Dark Screen Display, White Screen (with Tone), Backlight LED is not there. Wet due to issues damaged or accidentally dropped by customers.


The backlight of the problem on the mobile device is a common case, it becomes the case where we use a lot of functionality using Android phone devices, on this occasion the team discusses the repair solution on the Android device to try and make OPPO A3s. No backlight. Some of you may have the same unevenness and damage on the Android phone OPPO A3, no display or light on the LCD

Here are some of the Oppo A3s indicator issues that you may come across:


  • White display
  • No show
  • Lines on display
  • Low light on display
  • No backlight


Image Solution 1


Oppo A3s Backlight Solution – Quick 100% Solved In 1st Step


Imagae Solution 2




Image Solution 3


In Image,
        In Inmage there is differwnt colours of line drawed on Oppo A3s  board this line are missing or breakdown on board, Hence this is the resonse of error or fault created in the smartphone . If you want to solve this problem make the jumper same as same in image on your mobile .This way you can solved your problem.
For Solved the Blank screen display issue of Oppo A3s, you can first try replacing or installing a new display module to easily check if the LCD backlight LED is still working or has been damaged. If you can handle without damaging the LCD flex connector, you can also use a multimeter to check the LED status. If the newly installed LCD screen still has the same problem and the LED indicator does not light up, refer to the following solutions and then find the components highlighted on the PCB board.

Oppo A3s Backlight Solution – Quick 100% Solved In Step

  • Check the Display strip pin connector for damage, re-solder if necessary.
  • Trace each of the + LEDs (positive and LED – (negative connecting line paths) to the resistors where they will be connected.
  • Check the connected resistor, replace it if damaged.
  • Check and be sure to clean the pin connector assembly.
  •  Check the display filter resistances including the voltage supply to the LCD display and trace the connection traces to the LCD pin connector.
Replace a damaged resistor or phantom to reconnect if there is an open line path.
After mounting the Oppo A3s, check if there is any carbon damage or rust on the motherboard. Clean the entire plate with an electronic cleaner, then blow some mints with hot air to dry it.
If it is the LCD socket and it is stuck, replace the LED and check the printed value after removing it. If the value is correct, replace the LCD display, if the value is missing, check the whole part (as shown in the diagram). Be sure to check all paths, if a track is missing, fit a jumper.
It allows you to solve the Oppo A3s LCD screen lamp IC solution easel problem
Easily implemented in Oppo A3.
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Why oppo A3s has white screen and how to solve is?

The white screen cause by any damage on display or pressed display and also breaked display tracks
Replace with a fresh new display combo
if display is ok but also white screen. Hence, Check all display tracks and plug to solve this one as shown in Image given

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