Redmi 8A Backlight Way LCD Light Problem Solution jumper solution Ways Jumper Solution

Redmi 8A Backlight Way LCD Light Problem Solution

Redmi 8a LCD problem jumper ways solution

In this article, you will find Redmi 8A Backlight Way Lcd Light problem jumper solution, full LCD ways to display connection line paths in case you are going to solve display problem such as blank display, dark screen, white screen (with tones), no LED backlight due to moisture damage problems or accidental dropping by users.
The problem of no backlight on mobile device is a common case, this will definitely be the time when we use a lot of activities with android phone device, in this opportunity the MobileRdx team is trying to discuss and provide repair solution on the Android device Redmi 8A no backlight. Maybe some of you have the same obstacles and damage on Redmi 8A Android phones that have no light on the screen or LCD
On this occasion, the Mobilintec team shares the message about the damage to the backlit display on the Xiaomi Redmi 8A smartphone. The problem of damage without a backlight is often symptomatic as an LCD screen without a display turns white. Or in general, no light is produced by the LCD screen, but the ringtone and notification sound can still be heard.
The cause of damage to this backlight can be caused by several factors. Such errors in using cell phones like dropping phones are very strong. Or it could be due to the liquid entering the Xiaomi Redmi 8A phone and damaging the internal components.
Obviously, if this damage happens to your Xiaomi phone, you will get annoyed. Since all activities are handled with the phone, the phone is limited by the lack of the display that you can see on the LCD screen.
Here are some of the Redmi 8A backlight issues that you may experience:
  • White screen
  • No screen
  • Lines displayed
  • Little light on the screen
  • No backlight
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  • Redmi 8a LCD ways solution

To solve the problem with the backlight redmi 8A-screen, you can first try to replace a new display module or to install, easy to check whether still working the LEDs of the LCD backlight or already damaged. You can also check the LEDs with the multimeter if you can handle it without damaging the LCD flex connector. If the newly installed LCD display still has the same problem and the LED indicator does not light up, refer to the above solution and locate the marked components on the PCB.

How to fix Redmi 8A backlight issue

“Note: Please check Display LCD screen is OK or try to replace it before continuing”
  • Check the LCD display pin connector for damage and re-solder if necessary.
  • Trace each of the + LEDs (positive and LED – (negative connection line paths) to the resistors where it will be connected.
  • Check the connected resistor, replace if damaged.
  • Check the pin connector assembly and make sure to clean it as well.
  • Check the resistances of the display filter, including the supply voltage to the LCD display, and trace the connection traces to the LCD pin connector. Replace damaged resistors or phantoms to reconnect if there is an open line path.
If the LCD and line condition is good, but suddenly your phone backlight is damaged. Problems can then certainly arise in the internal components. The diagram image provided by the Mobilintec team can guide you to repair the damaged backlight.
Take measurements on each part, if there is a defective part, immediately switch to parts of the same type and value.
Try to check the diode components as well as the coil marked in the diagram image. Often the part is damaged, which leads to the appearance of the backlight.
This is the information and the repair guide for Backlight Display damage on Xiaomi Redmi 8A Android smartphones. Hope this information will help you solve the problem that is happening on your own Xiaomi phone. Thank you.

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