Samsung Galaxy J1 J100 charging ways

Samsung Galaxy J1 J100 charging ways

J1 J100 charging ways
J1 J100 charging Jumper Solution
J1 J100 usb charging ways
J1 J100 charging ways

Samsung Galaxy J1 J100 charging modes

The charging problem in Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H can be caused by damage to the broken charging pin and water damage. In case of charging problem, the mobile phone cannot save the battery and a false charge may be displayed. In case of wrong charging condition, you can only see the charge in the mobile, but it does not save electricity.
J1 J100 loading medium
J1 J100 charging jumper solution
Charging via USB means J1 J100
J1 J100 loading medium

Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H means Charging Solution Fix Jumper Problem

Today we are going to talk about Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H charging or charging problems, charging or charging problems common to all brands of mobile phone in the world, this problem would cause gadgets to be dead lice or mobile phone users. Charging damage to the Samsung J100H usually occurs as a result of damaged plugins. Here are the steps to fix the charging problem.
The first step is to replace the charging plug or charger connector, usually damaging the pin or needle of the charging plug. If the problem is not resolved after plug-in replacement. Try the next step.
Reasons for the problem
  • The phone can be damaged by water.
  • Dust particles may be present in the charging connector.
  • Your charger may be defective.
  • The connection to the phone may have been lost.
  • The phone has been physically damaged.
  • One of the capacitors may be defective.
  • The charging IC may be faulty.
You can easily remove dust from the charging connector with a brush.
For the same problem, replace the charging connector and check.
If the same problem Check the traces of the charging connector.
Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H charging solution jumper issue
only charging problem Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H Charging solution Jumper issue Charging means not supported
After disassembling the cellphone, you need to perform some steps as shown in the above diagram Check whether the charging plug and charging points are good value, if yes, replace the charger and check whether the charging point on motherboard does not show exact value with meter, you need to check all parts and tracks in the schematic of Samsung Galaxy J1 J100H.
Watch how the motherboard varies carefully if there is rust or carbon and water damage or if a part is damaged. If a track is missing, install the jumpers as shown and if any part is damaged or broken, replace it with a new one.
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