This way to solve Jio LYF F2200B Mic problem 2023

Howdy I will talk about here the Jio LYF f220b versatile receiver critical thinking. I might want to let you first know if you have any desire to put a computerized receiver on this I have proactively given a video on YouTube. You can do this by watching that video.

You can do that by watching the video above by tapping the connection above to introduce a computerized receiver. Furthermore, to put on a Widespread Mic or the lines you have in your Mic have been missed or lost for reasons unknown, Beneath is an image of how you track down those lines and tackle the mic issue with the jumper. You can do this by seeing that image .I have talked about underneath how you can tackle this issue bit by bit.

First open the portable, then, at that point, eliminate the old mic which is on the versatile
After you open the mic, clear the focuses and where the mic is found

The next thing you do is look at the image I drew

If you want to set a 2pin universal mic, see the image below.

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