Data Recovery for USB Drives, SD Cards and Flash Media

Secure Data Recovery Service specializes in Flash Media Repair and Flash Data Recovery. Our facilities feature specialized utilities and hardware that allow our engineers to work securely with all types of Flash devices, and we deliver industry-leading success rates for all formats.

Flash media technology has made great strides over the past decade, and many digital devices now use high-speed flash memory for long-term storage. USB flash drives are an especially convenient alternative to external hard drives, and most digital cameras rely on some sort of flash memory card.

What to do if flash media fails (Data recovery)

Flash media devices are better able to withstand impact damage than most digital storage devices, but in extreme cases they can cause physical damage if handled incorrectly. Flash media is also susceptible to logical damage such as data corruption and accidental formatting.

Some Flash devices may suffer from memory wear, which occurs when users write large amounts of data over a long period of time. Eventually, the Flash chip loses its ability to store data, and files may appear corrupted or unreadable. This failure is especially common in older memory cards.

Includes normal data loss situations for Flash devices

  • Broken USB Connection.
  • Snapped or Overheated Electronics.
  • Memory Wear from Excessive Use.
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting.
  • Virus Damage.
  • File Corruption.
  • Missing or Damaged Files.
  • Smoke, Fire or Water Damage.

If your flash drive is physically damaged, your computer may have trouble recognizing it. Attaching a flash drive can freeze or even lock up your computer on a regular basis. Most failing situations have the same symptoms and it can be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of data loss. To keep your files safe, disconnect your Flash media as soon as you see any signs of data loss. Under no circumstances should you try to read or improve your media.

Leading Flash Data Recovery Services

Data recovery service is a service that specializes in retrieving lost or corrupted data. This is done by saving data from failed, damaged or corrupted storage devices. The Hard Drive Recovery service can use a variety of methods to try to recover lost data. They can use software tools, repair damaged drives, and use industry-in-house techniques to successfully restore lost or corrupted data on storage media.

When using the Hard Drive Data Recovery service you need to refer the storage devices to the service where they will perform the recovery in a clean environment using dedicated tools.

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